Practice  for  Biography Work  and  Men’s Work

 Maarten Moens   
  email: maartenmoens@kpnmail.nl
  website: www.maartenmoens.nl

 Maarten Moens (1962):
* is married, foster father and stepfather of three girls.
* working as coach, trainer and biographical counsellor.
* was trained at The Institute for Biographical Studies at Zeist, in the Netherlands
*teaches in various fields of education.
* runs his own Biographical Practice in Hoorn, in the Netherlands.
* languages: Dutch, English, German, Italian.

 My topics are:
 male and female aspects in life
 holistic approach of body, soul and spirit
inner development
strength and vulnerability
nature as a source of inspiration
archetypes and myths
Biographical Work
Motto: Study your own biography: Who am I and what is my mission? What is the main theme in my life? Individual and group sessions are possible.
In a biographical session we try to get in touch with the helmsman in your life so that you will be able to see your life as a developmental journey. Your life as a piece of music performed by you as composer andconductor. I will be asking questions and I will give focus to my observations during a session. I do not judge, I merely support you in your journey through life as a guide, as a fellow investigator and sometimes as a witness.
Many topics will be covered: vitality, work, relationships, parenthood, making choices, transition, loss, interpretation, spirituality.
The result will be: increased understanding of your own biography, of your talents, of your challenges. From a newly acquired awareness you will be able to look to a promising future.
Working with Men

Working with Groups of Men, Training Programmes for Men, Father-Son-Meetings.
 An important aspect of my work in Holland is organizing Gatherings of Men round a bonfire (in Bergen N.H. and in Hoorn). Such a gathering is a meeting place for men in general and for fathers and sons. We usually have a meal together, we share our stories, we make music or we just enjoy silence. All contributions straight from the heart are welcomed! Such a Circle of Men’ can be organized anywhere if a bonfire is allowed.
The Seven Qualities of Men
This is a journey through seven archetypes of adult masculinity and the seven corresponding parts of the body. We meet: the Primitive Man ( Iron John), the Lover, the Warrior, the King, the Interpreter/Translator, the Magician, the Sage/Wise Man.
All during seven consecutive once-a-week evenings or during a weekend workshop. These can be organized in suitable surroundings anywhere.
Themes of Life in One’s Biography
Focus will be on the twelve Themes of Life in relation to the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac.
Chaos –  Order, Strength – Vulnerability, Will – Conciousness, Diversity – Unity, Matter – Spirit, Centre – Periphery. These themes are universal. Our way of dealing with them is unique. In the polarities we meet ourSense of Self.
All during seven evenings or during a weekend workshop. There will be dancing, body work, social rituals, creative exercises, working with our voices, martial arts, meditation. These workshops can be organized in suitable surroundings anywhere.
 (English translation by: Henk van Oort, www.henkvanoorttraining.nl)


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